JAVA EE Advanced

Constraint programming (24h)

Prerequisites and related courses
Language and material
Tentative Schedule
Date (DD/MM/YY) Content
15/09/15 Introduction to CLP, operational semantics, examples
22/09/15 CLP: fixpoint semantics
29/09/15 CLP logical semantics; CSP: solving by simplification and domain reduction
06/10/15 CLP: the Warren Abstract Machine; CSP: Symmetries
09/10/15 deadline for the programming project (no class)
13/10/15 CLP: typing; CHR; Programming project discussion
20/10/15 (no class)
27/10/15 (no class)
03/11/15 CC: examples, operational and denotational semantics
10/11/15 CC: linear logic semantics; LCC
17/11/15 LCC: logical semantics, links with CHR, typing and modules for CLP
24/11/15 exam 12.45-14.45