Imade BENELALLAM is an Associate Professor, teaching Data-Driven courses, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science and Insight Data Engineering at the National Institute of Statistics and applied Economics in Rabat and other international Engineering schools and universities. He is the Research Director of SI2M Laboratory and the Coordinator of Data Science engineering degree at the INSEA. He earned his masters Degrees from (1) FS Rabat and INPT in Computer Science and Telecom and (2) EMI in Industrial Electronics. He received his Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from Mohammed the Fifth University in April 2010. His Ph.D. research focused on Constraint Programming and Distributed Constraint Reasoning. His contributions aim to propose and combine new models and algorithms in constraints technology using learning for intelligent and ethical agents. He co-founded AOIX LABS, the first Artificial Intelligence startup Lab. spin-off in Morocco. He is an active volunteer in the IEEE association since 2004. Currently, Imade BENELALLAM is appointed as an IEEE Senior Member, an IBM Certified Instructor and Oracle Academy Instructor. He works in different projects within industrial partners as an IT consultant or research fellow; the most significant was with Thales group.

He has authored several scientific publications and e-Books in many conferences and journals. Dr. BENELALLAM served as a reviewer for international journals and conferences such as Applied Soft Computing Elsevier etc.