JChoc platform



JchocDisSolver: Description and architecture

“JChoc DisSolver” JChoc DisSolver is a Constraint programming platform for distributed constraints reasoning Techniques. Developed by LIMIARF lab from Mohammed V University and SI2M lab from INSEA.

This project has been proposed and supervised by Professors :




El Houssine BOUYAKHF

And developed by PhD Students:


Zakarya ERRAJI



Corresponding author : zakarya.erraji at gmail.com

“JChoc DisSolver” platform is:

  1. Based on JADE and Choco Solver;
  2. Runs Complex agents;
  3. Uses real channels communication;
  4. Solves realistic use problems;
  5. Supports dynamic problems.

“JChoc DisSolver” architecture is motivated by FIPA specifications, it allows the development of multiagent systems and applications conforming to MAS standards. It is implemented in JAVA and provides classes that implement and inherit from JADE and Choco platforms to define the behavior of specific agents.


This platform has five main modules.

  • DCRP (Distributed Constraint Reasoning Protocols): provides distributed constraints protocols as service. This element defines new types of messages and implements the behavior of the agent when receiving and sending a specific type of information (e.g. ABT, AFC-ng, etc.);
  • CS (Choco Solver): provides the ability to address and resolve local CSP sub-problem;
  • DF (Director Facilitator): provides a service of “yellow pages” to the platform;
  • ACC (Agent Communication Channel): manages the communication between agents;
  • AMS (Agent Management System): oversees the registration of agents, their authentication, their access and the use of the system.

These five modules are activated at each time the platform is started.

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